Since the first days of the Fair Trade Federation, “Transparency” was the watch-word.
Everyone knew that for a commercial humanitarianism to be credible, it would have to be transparent. And this is so. Here is a promotional video where Renice Jones of Global Crafts emphasizes the centrality of ‘transparency’ to her business’ ethical life and vision.

“In our Fair Trade business, we treat our partners with dignity and respect.
We treat them with respect. We pay them a fair price for the handcrafts they make.
We believe strongly in transparency that means: you can find out who made the product you like. We also believe in giving back to the community as a whole.
We give ten-percent of every sale to a good cause. I’m Renice Jones, Global Crafts, and this is my business story.”

What respect?  …and not even a little Christmas Year-end bonus, traditional in Mexico.
Why not give that ten-percent of every sale to the artisan families? spectful treatment?

Our request is the same as one we sent to Fair Trade Federation and Global Crafts
on December 18, 2018. It is this : that there be a formal balancing of accounts
and liquidation of Global Crafts relationship with Artcamp SC de RL, the cooperative.

We were patient, waiting almost an entire year, to see if Global Crafts would modify its
hurtful practice of imposing on us a unilateral accounting irregardless of reservations we have repeatedly raised. Global Crafts won’t see reason and has not been willing to dialog.

There has been NO production order for one year, and the cooperative has not received payment. On the contrary, it seems that the woman who Renice and Kevin got to make
jewelry instead of Artcamp, was told that she owes Global Crafts $2,500usd to get started.

Can we please perform a clean account-balancing? Other traders do this once a year.

I assumed the power of the president May 2016 and as legal representative of the Artcamp cooperative society.  I have never seen any original account-balancing. So our request is for an account-balancing. Nothing special, since Artcamp and Global Crafts
are apparently parting ways. Not because we don’t want to work with Global Crafts. We do!

All we want is to be able to include the families that have been supplying Global Crafts since 2010;  the solidarity of our group has been damaged and Global Crafts is the only one who can do anything about it. If they were going to cut-back orders to Artcamp
they should have warned the workers before-hand; at least they could prepare themselves.

I never said anything against Global Crafts. Nothing I said, in any way, criticized Global Crafts. I was only defending myself from a fierce attack by the serious and angry Gloria.
I don’t know how either of them got the idea that I was “attacking” them, or that I was their enemy. I must insist on a competent evaluation of the video these folks objected to.

To clear my name. Renice has told the people in Tecalpulco and other people that I
was trying to discredit ‘her’ good name, but she was totally mistaken, because that was
the farthest thing from my mind that night. I was NOT thinking about Global Crafts at all.
I had been called to the city hall, when I got there the village women were waiting for
me with two reporters. They had a piece of paper they said was a message from Kevin
and they read it on the air. They were trying to get me to say something incriminating.
The young reporters were just trying to get something lurid, or uncover some big story.

I dont remember exactly what Kevin’s note said – they read it out loud,
and then Gloria questioned me about it very sternly. I did not have any idea what to say.
The other persons kept asking me questions to find out what answers I would give them.

But, finally, the interview ended and I left as fast as possible, I ran away all by myself,
there was nobody who was sympathetic with me, who came out to see if I was all-right.

Respectfully, I request an opportunity to present my side of the story for the sake of my good name and the good name of mysainted  father. If Renice will only talk with me woman to woman. She’ll know I was never disloyal to her. The problem was about the families who
lost their household income that they  had for many years, and they were distraught and upset and looking for the cause of their personal calamity, and the cooperative was unable to respond to them.  Kevin and Renice are surely mistaken, if they think I am a bad person who is against them. I am only one poor woman, the daughter of a Taxco leatherworker.
There’s no reason we could not come to an understanding, one for is good for everybody.

Thus, our respectful demands are as follows 1. balance-accounting 2. transparent dialog

Some might not like it. I am still President and legal representative of Artcamp SC de RL
OR come up with sufficient orders for the craftworkers who lost their jobs to get them back.

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