Testimony: Martin’s Rant


This is my opinion. If I exaggerate or mis-speak myself
do NOT  hesitate to alert me … I will modify, or correct it!
It  is my opinion. Should I not share it, as I believe in it?

What comes across in reading through the conversations:
Global Crafts is all about business.
“Helping Craftspeople” is a pro-forma marketing construction.

Global Crafts Targets Fair Trade Market * Read… CNN Money
In this extensive interview with CNN Money, Kevin Ward makes NO mention of either artisans
nor of artisan culture. He talks about business. Kevin said that Global Crafts has a credit line
of 300,000 usd$; that they purchase tens of thousands of usa$ in Google & Face ads each year.,
A third-world producer group is unable to compete against first-worlders with access to 0% credit.

ie. Artcamp was relegated to the place of supplier; read: victims of the Fair Trade dealers.

NO access that credit was ever shared with the Artcamp cooperative, Global Craft supplier.

A crucial question to be addressed: What about Artcamp’s white-metal casting technology?

Why didn’t Global Crafts share some of the credit to update/upgrade Artcamp’s technology?

Undoubtedly, Renice does care about the craftspeople, in an abstract way and
remote from the experience of a handcrafts-producer village in the Third World.

These are commercial people and look out on the world the same way Tom Costello does.
It is a materialistic vision of buy-self marginal profit-extraction of capital from the process.

It’s called, ‘capitalism’, isn´t it? He who make the system work for him, survives
the contemporary implosion of the commercial-markets in this post-consumer-era.

Still why misuse the women? they would have remained loyal and productive forever
in the future, and even their daughters would be working as suppliers to Global Crafts.

With this web-site, Fair Trade, The Story, they should have a way to keep alive a dream
of an artisans’ cooperative that might just carry them, eventually, to economic success,
allowing these talented and hard-working native craftswomen to follow in the traditions
of their parents and grandparents, creating a future for their own children as artisans.

Here they are again: GMAIL Record of Artcamp and Global Crafts. Anyone who reads
it will see that the women were good servants. But Global Crafts was too hard on them:
to where they couldn’t replace their raw materials.  This put the artisans in an impossible situation. Mexicans will tend to be indirect; this is so no one’s feelings get hurt. I think Renice and Kevin could not understand that they were making the group lose on every
order made for them. I wasn’t aware of the situation then. I only read the GMails later.

The great fear of artisans is of losing one’s gainful employment.  Four families had already lost their vital household income

Over ten years, Artcamp created hundreds of original-models for Global Crafts, for free:

They had the belief that the customer would find products to get-behind, and sell for them.

Incredible gifts of creativity these people poured-out, to support their partner Global Crafts!

Yet, their faithfulness wasn’t requited, was it? or square with Fair Trade’s stated purposes?


Notice how attempts to achieve an advantageous acquisition of abalone shell,
were handled. How were Artcamp’s  requests for a ‘Letter of Recommendation’
handled? What about the craftswomens’ pleas that Global Crafts contact Fair Trade distributors in England, Australia, New Zealand, etc., on behalf of their cooperative?

The record shows that Global Crafts never helped the women.

only formal Fair Trade words, where action might have been!

these craftswomen women were  reliable and responsible and don’t make excuses.
They served Global Crafts perfectly for many years, yet they were dismissed impolitely. This is unnecesarily hurtfu, to say the least.  Are Kevin and Renice unaccustomed to treating with authentic traditional artisans, nor with such humble people of a village.

The commercial transactions were profitable to Global Crafts; to Artcamp: not so much.

I bet all their suppliers who run their artisans are commercial-exporter merchant-types
NOT artisans like this precious group; which they should have treasured and not abused!

Kevin and Renice both knew well that this was a village, community, first and foremost.

They knew they were dealing with simple people without English-language or marketing.

If anyone has a question about the conversations between Renice Jones and Martin,
please let me know it. I will review suggestion or objections and make a clarification,
or a correction,  if I have said something in error, or if I have exaggerated something.

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Likewise, read for yourself, word-for-word what was said over the years 2010-2018
when Global Crafts was Artcamp’s Fair Trade distributor. Were the women helpful? respectful? honest? responsible? So, please: WHAT is the reason that Global Crafts terminated their employment without warning? WHY were they given no reason,
no justification? no explanation of their exclusion from the market? I rest my rant.

Here you can read for yourself the complete conversation
of Global Crafts and Artcamp from 2010-2017 … Read …

Featured Conversations Global Crafts and Artcamp  Read…

Questions: what was the error they made? so as to deserve to be treated so disrepectfully

…all they ever wanted for was to work honorably, to be able to create and make jewelry and to be able to have a life, to support one’s family. The rustic craftswomen were SO unsophisticated, never suspecting they’d have to defend themselves from their customer.

There you have it. That’s my rant!

p.s. Kevin and p.s. Renice. I didn’t come to this with animosity. On the contrary I thought you were going to make another million dollars off of them, at a minimum; but somehow,
no; in the world of Fair Trade there was room for ‘Costello Jewelry’ of ersatz noteriety and
Chinese industrially-made-parts presented as being made by handcraft artisans in India,
yet there was not even room in the Fair Trade market to sustain these four village families.

I got dragged into this because some of the women involved in the internal dispute that resulted from the exhausting of their supplies of pewter casting alloy and of abalone shells
are my collaborators in a literary project. I did NOT welcome the interruption of my work
at the time. Remember I made no communicationsto either of you from 2010 – March 2017 when the crisis of the employment-cut was 2 months-old. I wasn’t speaking with anyone else, as it has been severally alleged that I am an “aggressive telephone sales marketer”.


Since April 2015 as anyone will attest I was working full-time on a literary projects until my attention ulrimate became distracted by this matter of defending four families in the village

It happens that I know those people. They are the humblest and the sweetest people,
the least deserving of being cut off from their household income, and their employment!

do upi good folks look into your hearts, and make it right with your own good suppliers
who NO-way deserve to have been abandoned in a way so callous, and by a Fair Trader.

Workers have the right to expect that their employer be forthcoming with them and not suddenly drop them at the side of the road without a consideration or severance payment.
In this kind of situation I believe that it is the weakest party is the one who needs the help.

Those are my thoughts. If I’m missing something important, please let me know what it is.

I’m open to reasoned discourse. Please correct, rebut, or otherwise qualify my contentions.

In response I’ll respectfully reply with explanations, amendments or apologies, if called for.

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