Letters from the Artcamp Cooperative to the Fair Trade Federation

From the Artcamp Cooperative to the Fair Trade Federation:
Please hear our plea.

“Good afternoon Ms. Ann Ferguson of The Fair Trade Federation:
December 2017 letter to the Fair Trade Federation…
“The reason for this letter is to relate what is happening here…”

“It’s hard when the other persons won’t speak with you…
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“I hope that once again Fair Trade Federation will be the voice of reason; and that we all come together  for the benefit of the Fair Trade movement we are a part of.” … letter to FTF

That The Fair Trade Federation support our cooperative in this. Let’s hear it! Hurrah! Hurrah! It is impossible for us to be left off like this, after seven years of service, all very profitable for Global Crafts. What about the Fair Trade Federation Principles?:
Please, good people, hear our reasonable cries for justice in this case! …Letter to the FTF

Another letter to Ms. Ann Ferguson of the FAIR TRADE FEDERATION from Artcamp’s President and legal representative * “Ms. Ann, I don’t know you, still I appeal to your goodwill and your sense of fairness, I hope this formal complaint has a positive consequence. I will be your loyal friend afterwards.” … Artcamp Letter to the FTF 

Dear Mr. Chris Solt: “In February of the present year I mailed to the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) the letter below to this communication. On my last visit to Taxco, to visit my grandchildren, the artisans inform me that they are being harassed by gossip, rumors, and slander coordinated among FTF members: with the intention of harming or eliminating Artcamp from the Fair Trade market. We have been good faithful suppliers of traditional handcrafted jewelry, but perhaps we have not defended ourselves enough.” 
Artcamp Letter to the Fair Trade Federation…

January 14, 2018 “I tried to talk with Renice Jones of Global Crafts; but she cut off the communications. The way she handled it, I found myself with an only option: it is to make this formal compaint to the Fair Trade Federation. Thank you for taking my concern seriously. I really do appreciate that you would support me, know that I will certainly reciprocate your understanding and kindness…”
Artcamp Letter to the Fair Trade Federation

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