Images of Artisan and our Families

Here is the mis-use made of the images of artisans of the Artcamp cooperative
by Global Crafts.  These people all lost their employment and household income
in January 2017 when Global Crafts abruptly cut back their orders by nearly 50%.

Yet, almost 2 years later, these poor people provide a reason to purchase
Global Crafts –  supposedly, Global Crafts supports these artisan families…

They did not *ask* for these images; these images were required of the artisans,
if they would to hope to get some work. At the time Renice wrote that Worldstock
required the images. Never has anyone checked to see if these folks are all right,
if they have any family income or if the man of the house has migrated to the USA.

Here is what GLOBAL CRAFTS, as of November 2018, has to say about these artisans:

These artisans lost their employment when Global Crafts cut production in January 2017.

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