Fair Trade Recommendation Letter

 Emi writes (translation): ” I asked Renice to recommend the cooperative; she said she would. Now, I see she never did introduce Artcamp to overseas Fair Traders, even though the cooperative has a perfect service record as her own supplier: This has to be bad faith. Global Crafts employed Artcamp’s good name and images of the artisan families their marketing, yet never showed any interest in the artisan’s well-being: and her heart always was closed to me.

Global Crafts sold a million dollars of Artcamp’s jewelry,

We are an authentic group of reliable and industrious craftswomen who follow the footpath of our traditions

WHY was no recommendation offered by Global Crafts to Artcamp when our group has a perfect record in quality, delivery, and service? when Artcamp offers a great variety of attractive styles at a low price and is continually creating new styles? A refusal to provide a letter of recommendation, to help find artcamp a new customer seems to be evidence of bad faith.

Artcamp mails appealing to Renice
for an introduction or a recommendation:
Read here these my polite letters asking for Global Craft‘s help.

Read here what Global Crafts says about itself.

January 2017, Global Crafts unilaterally cut-back on Artcamp orders, at the cost of the livelihood of artisan families, an effort might have been made by Global Crafts to find replacement orders for those artisans who lost their employment and income.

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