Fair Trade Conspiracy

In this mail, Renice Jones of Global Crafts mentions that, “as treasurer of the Fair Trade Federation“, she received videos and documents and the registration of a complaint
against Tom Costello‘s Fair Trade activities and that she had “turned these documents
over to the Executive Director of the FTF (Renee Bowers)”. DOES this dossier supplied by
the mentioned Federation of North American Indigenous Artisan Communities contain
testimony and relevant descriptions of systematic un-Fair Trade-like activity by Costello.
Where is this package of accusatory-videos and documents now? Is it still in existence?
Notwithstanding having physical evidence of non-adherance to 10 Fair Trade Principles
in their hands, the Fair Trade Federation decided to give ‘Costello International’ a pass.

But the FTF owes it to Fair Trade customers, donors, and volunteers to be much more leery. FTF should expect that FTF-members and prospective-members have material-incentives to misrepresent their relationships with the artisans, and/or with the local craft-community.

FTF should have rigorous controls in place to be sure that Fair Trade customers aren’t being defrauded when purchasing merchandise because this helps a Third-World artisan.

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