Fair Trade 2.0 Reform

Everyone knows that Fair Trade is supposed to benefit the artisans and the artisan families.

We plead for the understanding of good people everywhere to come together
in solidarity with artisans around the high ideals of the Fair Trade Movement.

Brazen commercial intermediaries flaunt the venerable Fair Trade Foundation Principles.

We want to continue in the footsteps of our venerable parents and grandparents
as traditional craftswomen. We count on support of the well-intentioned members.

It must be possible for our cooperative to somehow show the world that Fair Trade is real.
All that we have requested is understanding, and a little help in marketing our products,
because: we are unable to market them ourselves, with all the disadvantages we have,
especially when the various elite members of the Fair Trade Federation gang-up on us.A very modest success of the artcamp cooperative will vindicate Fair Trade.

We want to celebrate our gratitude to the Fair Trade Federation and the community
of Fair Traders who showed us compassion and consideration when we asked for help.

And, of course, we will continue to create and design Artcamp Fair Trade Jewelry
for those who appreciate authenticity and true handcraft in a beautiful ornament.

This is authentic jewelry handcraft, expression of our Mexican culture and imagination.

Our parents and grandparents were artisans; we want our kids to be artisans too.

Can we imagine that a new Fair Trade Movement about to be born?: Fair Trade for Artisans.

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