Good afternoon Mr Chris Solt of Fair Trade Federation

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Wed, Dec 19, 2:13 PM
to Chris Solt

Muy buenas tardes Mr Chris Solt of Fair Trade Federation

Hace quince días más o menos  les mande la representación de mis poderes legales,

Me gustaría saber si usted recibirán comunicaciones de mi persona en mi capacidad legal como representante de la sociedad cooperativa de artcamp,

yo me he mantenido en contacto verbal y he leído casi todas las cartas que se les han enviado, me gustaría saber si ustedes aceptan conversar conmigo.comunicación.

Voy a estar pendiente para recibir su respuesta.
Good afternoon Mr Chris Solt of Fair Trade Federation. Fifteen days ago I more or less
I sent you the representation of my legal powers, I would like to know if you will receive communications from me in my legal capacity as a representative of the cooperative society of artcamp, I have kept in verbal contact and I have read almost all the letters that have been sent to you, I would like to know if you accept to talk with me. I will be waiting to receive your response. 

Chris Solt

Wed, Dec 19, 3:09 PM
to me

Hola, María, no puedo ayudarte, pero si deseas establecer compradores adicionales de productos de comercio justo para la Cooperativa Artcamp, no dudes en contactar a los miembros que figuran en nuestro sitio web. Actualmente hay 184 negocios de comercio justo que venden productos al por mayor en los Estados Unidos y Canadá.
Te deseo a ti y a la Cooperativa ArtCamp todo lo mejor en el futuro, Chris

Hello, María, I can not help you, but if you wish to establish additional buyers of fair trade products for the Artcamp Cooperative, do not hesitate to contact the members listed on our website. There are currently 184 fair trade businesses that sell wholesale products in the United States and Canada.

I wish you and the ArtCamp Cooperative all the best in the future, Chris


Thu, Dec 20, 2:06 PM
to Chris

Buenas tardes Sr. Chris

No tengo comunicación con la los representantes de Global Crafts,
la Sra. Renice  y el Sr. Kevin, he escuchado que traspasaron la compañía,
desconozco la situación, tengo que comunicarme con ellos porque son los indicados
para cerrar la contabilidad, estoy obligada a entregar legalmente todo lo que tiene
que ver con la cooperativa de artcamp, agradeceré su usted me pone en contacto con ellos.

Good afternoon Mr. Chris

I have no communication with the representatives of Global Crafts,
Mrs. Renice and Mr. Kevin, I have heard that they transferred the company,
I do not know the situation, I have to communicate with them
because they are the ones to close the accounts, I am obliged to deliver legally
everything that has to do with the artcamp cooperative,
I will thank you for putting me in contact with them.


Friday, Dec 21, 2:06 PM 9:23 AM
to Chris

Dear Mr. Chris, Will you help me communicate with Kevin Ward and Renice Jones
of Global Crafts? On behalf of the Artcamp cooperative, in advance, receive grateful thanks for your kind assistance. Attentively,

Estimado Sr. Chris ¿Me ayude comunicarme con Kevin Ward y Renice Jones de Global Crafts? En nombre de la cooperativa Artcamp, de antemano, agradezca su agradecimiento
por su amable asistencia. Atentamente,



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Martin Rizzi

9:48 AM
February 14, 2019
to Chris

Dear Chris, hoping to gain your understanding,
I wrote you letters objecting to the treatment of these craftswomen of Tecalpulco.

Of all the letters I wrote, all you could throw back at me was a quote of something I said
suggesting that I thought Renice and Tom Costello did not care about the craftspeople.

But the quote you supplied did not even say that. I never said they did not care.

Both of them are focused on making money and that is a fact, not a supposition.

What are the real benefits provided to artisans by these particular businesses
which have been operating in the Municipality of Taxco?

I know Tom Costello. I introduced him to Tecalpulco.  Now he is persona non grata there
and has moved his operations to a remote village where the people work a little cheaper.

I have only been saying that the artisans are unduly exploited by Fair Trade
not that this is being done on purpose by anybody.

It is just that the artisans’ interests have not been taken into account
as one would expect going by the Fair Trade Principles.

Of course Tommy, when we were buddies, openly scoffed at Fair Trade.

He and his phone-salesman employee Mike Nayert
laughed at Fair Trade retailers referring to them as “softies”

I have offered you my good offices and encouragement that a dialog be opened with these craftswomen, members of the Fair Trade Federation since the 1990’s. From what I can tell, nobody dares to complain because they are afraid that if they do, they will be punished by losing their employment. For this reason,  they are being paid at rates that don’t even cover their cost of production. That’s all. Let me make it clear that my attitude is, and always has been, positive and constructive.  I have always offered to help you and the
Fair Trade Federation staff to understand what is actually going on, down here in Mexico.

It is a crying shame and a tragedy that these women who are the most creative jewelry makers in the world have been replaced in Fair Trade showcases by common commercial merchandise

Tom Costello’s nickname is Tianguis Tom. This is because he gets his stuff in the tianguis market where there is no receipt and no artisan participation; Tom Costello specializes in distress merchandise and always has. OK no problem. Live and let live. But Costello’s outrageous 180-day-free-credit program was expressly intended to take over all of the Fair Trade showcases where Artcamp jewelry had had its place for years and years. Costello’s product is crap when compared to Artcamp’s jewelry. Yet, by dint of persistent telephone marketing, “Costello jewelry” has been awarded the place of honor and Fair Trade retailers tout it to their customers even though there is NO cultural content; it’s crap merchandise, pure and simple. Costello claims on his website that his company sells “A Living Art”.
I dispute this. Please! let’s have a skype conference and have Tommy Costello tell me
that the jewelry he sells is a living art.

I am not going to regale you further Chris. I wanted to correct your incorrect statement that I believe that Renice and Costello do not care about craftspeople.

Of course they do care about craftspeople, however that language is really for the customers, isn’t it? These are not bad people, they are business people who abstractly care for the artisans in a formal way, yet the first priority of either one of these companies
to accumulate marginal profit buying and selling.

Articles 1,2,3, and 9 of the Fair Trade Federation Principles
are being egregiously violated by both Tom Costello (Costello International)
and Global Crafts of Edgewater Florida it’s for this express reason
I am asking you to open an investigation of both of these companies
for possible flagrant  violations of the published Code of Practice
and Principles of the Fair Trade Federation.

Thank you for your kind attention to this mail Chris. I hope for a positive reply
and a reprieve for the humble hard-working artisans of these villages. RSVP

p.s. I know Tom Costello since the 1970’s I introduced him to these villages. Now, he regards me as his enemy. I will have none of that and can show you my mails to him appealing to our friendship, which he would only disdain. In our last telephone conversation (he called me) Tommy expressed animus against a women he thought was in the cooperative, and I replied to him that he has no right to pass judgement on anybody in the village and that the worst person in Tecalpulco, he has no right to criticize because he is a guest and a visitor in the community. However he is an arrogant and careless person who goes around as if he were the king of Taxco, I have taken strictly defensive precautions with the translation of a legal document annexed to this mail. Again, thank you for your attention Chris, and I hope you will come to realize that the requests for an investigation that I have been bringing to you are entirely justified. Martin


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