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The money goes to the person chosen by the majority of the subscribers –
the money is used to acquire jewelry inventory from our production cooperative,
to establish a distribution order-fulfillment center at a location in the United States.

The jewelry is producer-level priced
so there is 6 to 10 times mark-up available to retail.
All of this margin available to the new world women distributor
as a powerful profit incentive.

We are veteran craftswomen
with the experience & capability prodicing in our cottage industry.

What we need now is the establishment of a new world women distributor
with an inventory at a secure location in the USA.

This order-fulfilment center to be the hub of internet marketing activities
that we will initiate and support with videos, newsletters, music, etcetera.

As producers, With our creative and industrial capabilities,
the idea is to have our new world women distributor become a big success
with sales of fashion jewelry of more than 1 million usd$ within 18 months.

Subscribers are issued new world women certificates in denominations of $10usd.

When the 10.000 target is reached
the money is issued to the person the majority of subscribers vote for,
the funds are intended for the express purpose of acquirring fashion jewelry inventory
to establish a new world women order-fulfillment distributorship in the United States.

Additionally, The subscribers’ certificates are fully redeemable in jewelry valued at retail level!

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