The Importance of Handmade

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The uniqueness the gift is what makes that special smile come out on the face of the person receiving the gift. When you go into

the malls and big box stores are selling the same old items. When

handmade items are authentic they have an original look, feel and designs to them, and

most vendors will customized your dream piece to get the look you desire. Every

handmade item is made differently and is an original design. Everyone of these Crafters,

Artisans and Boutique Owners are small business owners, and we should support these

types of business. Remember our country was formed with small businesses not big box

companies. We need to unite and come back together to make a stronger America, and

bring it back to its roots. Handmade items have another key feature, and that

is quality. The products you purchase are being made by hands and not big machines

giving the uniqueness that no machine can bring to an item. The Crafters, Artisans and

Boutique Owners are putting their name on the products, giving them pride and

ownership. Any purchase you make with these authentic artisanaThe importasnce stays in Northamerica.

This is the reason Fair Trade 2.0 was created. Lets get back to the

basics and make a stronger support for NORTHAMERICAN HANDMADE ITEMS.

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