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Cottage industry producers seek a collaborator,
a person or group of persons or an established business
to purchase 10,000usd$ of handcrafted fashion jewelry products
at producer-price level.

The money goes to whoever the subscribers vote for,
the funds are strictly for the purpose of acquiring inventory.
existing at a location in Brooklyn, or some other place in the United States,
the physical jewelry guarantees the 10,000$ stake.

Establishing a basic fulfillment facility
in order that the jewelry products of craftspeople like ourselves
are possible to sell wholesale and retail via the internet
(this implies the ability to deliver immediately)

Over the years we have created and prepared
a variety of resources to support the craftswomen
including via the new social networks.

Ours fashion jewelry products have authentic cultural content
and we come behind our distributor with original music, documentary videos,
scene.a.day novels to generate more and more contacts and prospects.

Additionally the new world women distributor receives a full-service shopping cart
already loaded with the styles indicated in the initial order.
the stone mosaic jewelry we created is unique in the market and it is hard to make.

It is easy to demonstrate that there is a good market for it, that people really like it.

The key to the success of the project is the following:

We want to sell to the distributor at a very low price
to preserve the profit margins for the re-sellers in order to achieve market penetration

This is the Artisan-Owned Direct Distribution Model

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