How to be a Fair Trade Retailer

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How to be a Fair Trade Retailer


Do you desire to be a fair trade retailer?

where you not only earn profits,

yet also help workers in poor countries.


Before deciding on what product to sell it is important to determine first what your target market will be. This is  true for a fair trade retailer as it is for other retailers as well. Presently there are only a certain group of people who buy fair trade products. People who are into the “green movement” for instance prefer fair trade because they organic and environment friendly. College students as well as middle-aged women also lean towards buying “socially aware” products. People who do meditation and World-conscious individuals also choose fair trade products over the commercial ones. These types of people are sometimos referred to as “conscious consumers”. They are conscious in the sense that they know buying such products benefits other people.

Once you have decided on your target market, the next step to being a fair trade retailer is to decide what products you want to sell. Fair trade products are generally divided into either handicrafts or agricultural. Agricultural products include coffee, tea and other food products. Once the decision has been made, it is now time for you to decide where to buy the products. You have two choices. You can either buy from fair trade certified wholesalers or you can buy directly from the producers.

If you decide to purchase directly from a producer, this means that you must invest time and effort in finding an artisan or agricultural group producing the product that you want to sell. You need to be able to communicate with these producers and eventually you should make a visit to the actual place.

Many  retailers are not able to locate and appropriate supplier group; these retailers will simply choose to go to wholesalers. If you do choose this method, be sure to check if the wholesaler is indeed practicing fair trade since there is quite a lot of fakery around.

The major advantage of being a fair trade retailer is not just the satisfaction that comes to you as the result of your being able to help persons in developing countries. As someone who sells fair trade products, you also become one of the many faces that the general public will relate to the fair trade cause, which has become a widely-recognized brand name representing human, rather than commercial values.

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