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“I did not want to skip this month but…”

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to Global Crafts


Hello Renice. I am from the Artesanas Campesinas cooperativa of Tecalpulco and Taxco El Viejo who wishes you a happy holidays extending to you thanks for your support the past years. We invite you to claim any jewelry of our manufacture that is broken or defective in order we replace this jewelry because we guarantee every piece we make and we want to be sure you know of this policy we have  I attended a special course in business training provided by the government in support of our artisan cooperative and the teacher made a strong advice to us to have open communication with our customers and so I invite you to inform us of the ways we can improve the quality of our products and our service.

Best wishes from us! I hope you will reply to me soon.

Emi Maria

Artesanas Campesinas of Guerrero, México

Renice Jones <>
to me

Hi Emi,


Thank you for your emails.
We have not had any issues with the products
but if we do, we will let you know.

What would help us would be if you had access to a designer who could introduce some new designs or lines.

Please give our holiday wishes to all of the artesanas and their families!

Best Regards,


Global Crafts

It’s me; Martin Rizzi, friend of the crafstwomen.
I’ll annotate this G-Mail exchange with Renice Jones of Global Crafts.

In her mail of 21 December, 2016
Emi is very correctly requesting Renice’s formal year-end feedback.
Emi is asking Renice to tell her if there is something coming up
or asignificant problem to address, or even a detail to address.

However, Renice assured her only that: ‘all is well’.

So, Emi passes on to the other cooperative members that all is well
and looking good for 2018; accordingly, they cotinue with their plans,
submission of a detailed business plan to FONAIS for 650,000 pesos
of federal government credit. This plan was all written and ready
with the financial spreadsheets made with the ratios FONAIS likes.

This is the reason Emi was invited to become the President
and legal representative of the Artcamp cooperative in May 2016:

She had successfuly gotten a 50,000 peso credit from FONAIS
to buy sewing machines and knows exactly how FONAIS auditors
want to see the proposal. And she has excellent relations with them.

At the Artcamp 2016 year-end cooperative members-meeting,
Emi informed the craftswomen that she had communicated
with their customer Renice, and that everything was very good.

Emi’s formal leadership of the cooperative was re-confirmed
by the cooperative society members at that time.

Two weeks later, the monthly order was dropped by 50%
this without notice, without warning, without explanation.

The 5000usd$/month accord had been respected
for the previous two years. Everyone knew about it.
The idea was to provide a steady support to ten families
who were involved with the Global Craft production

But now Emi, the legal representative,
to the eyes of the village craftswomen,
seemed to be, appeared to be, responsible
for the loss of their household income;
the loss of their emplyment, the begging
of their anguish. Veronica’s husband left
to pick tobacco in Carolina, which is very hard work
and when he retuns he does not even look the same.

Remember, Emi had just informed the cooperative members
in a formal year-end assembly that their customer, Global Crafts,
was satisfied with them and looking forward to another year
of working with their long-time supplier the Artcamp cooperative.

…yet the orders of the group were cruelly slashed by Global Crafts without even warning them.

Of course, they did NOT warn them, since they were breaking a covenant with the cooperative
to purchase monthly an amount corresponding to the livelihood of ten families in their village.


I forgot to mention something important. Emi is a city girl from Taxco,
She is a bona fide leatherworker, it is a craft her father taught her
and she has his tools, she treasures his tools and only want to use them
to make a living as an artisan. She only joined the cooperative because
these village craftswomen begged her to help them get government credit
to replace their outdated centrifugal casting equipment.

Emi was told by them – many times – that their customer supported them
with a 5000usd$ minimum monthly purchase and, for this reason,
their enterprise was stable and secure for her to get herself involved in.

They imagined the leather work of Emi’s shop combined with colorful stone mosaics of Artcamp.

At that time everyone imagined that Global Crafts would continue to support them and welcome
the addition of the wonderful leatherwork Emi knows how to make, and would be happy to teach
the craftswomen of the village. Then, everyone imagined a great future for Emi with Artcamp.


IMHO, after seven years of profits, Global Crafts should make an investment in the group
not just throw them by the side of the road at any moment. Sheesh! These women have been
faithful suppliers, providing tightly-controlled-quality and making every delivery-deadline.

IMO These women were wronged.

From: MARIA []
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2016 1:41 PM
To: Global Crafts
Subject: Hello!

MARIA <>Emi Maria
to Global

Thank you!

We have made some new designs and new lines to show you.

Karen has vacation and when she comes we will send you pictures.

Best wishes and happy christmas!!!

Renice Jones <>
to me

We look forward to seeing the new designs and lines!

It’s me. Annotating the mail exchage between renice and Emi.

Artcamp craftswomen created about twenty (20) new lines for Global Crafts in 2017
Apparently, Global Crafts did not like any of them, nor place orders for any of them.)

Yet, Renice Jones paid $500usd in advance
to an unqualified lady in Houston Texas
to design complex stone mosaic earrings
the realization of which as physical original-models
was neither paid for, nor was there ever an order placed
for these earrings. The artisans donated  their own time
and the cost of materials to this project, generated by the
jewelry-design program of the computer of a lady from Houston.

Mmeanwhile every single one of these 20 innovative jewelry lines
had been presented to Global Crafts within the past 12 months:


By spending so much money on a foreign designer,
whilst being so parsimonious to a fault with the artisans themselves
Renice seemed to intend to suggest that something was wrong with their jewelry
and that only a foreigner – not any native traditional craftswomen – could fix this.

But, their stone mosaic jewelry does NOT need fixing  it will never go out of style
because it is classic lapidary art at a popular price. I suspect that the Houston
designer business was a snotty way of saying “your jewelry is just no good ”

(And this is after making literally
hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits
off-of Artcamp jewelry, over the past ten years!)

But Renice Jones is SO incredibly rude here, I think.
telling these women they need someone from Houston
(- who does not even make jewelry, herself, by the way)
when these are some of the most talented and creative
jewelry makers in Mexico. In effect Renice told them:
‘I don’t care how many new styles you make for me.
You work when I say you work; that’s the important thing’.

Because, even when they made these designs for her,
filling in the missing details that should have been there

Creating jewelry from a sketch made by a person
who is not even sitting at a jeweler’s bench. Ha,ha!


Kevin Ward <>
Jan 19
to me, Renice


I am afraid this month’s order is smaller than normal.  Unfortunately, the holiday season was not as strong as we expected. I did not want to skip the month but this is really all I can order this month. I am hoping that the new products Renice tells me you are working on will refresh the line and lift sales.

 My annotation of Kevin Ward’s crucial GMail as follows:

When he says: “I did not want to skip this month but…”
this has to be understood by the artisans as an implicit threat.
Artisan families depend on this income to put food on the table.

To an artisan “Skip this month” literally means: “to skip eating
this month”, which is NOT very pleasant to read or think about.

Allow me to refresh you. On December 21st, 2017 Emi’s mail:

“I attended a special course in business training; the teacher made
a strong advice  to have open communication with our customers…”

In her mail, Emi is asking if everything is all right.

(She also reminds customer of Artcamp’s guarantee)

This is before she will report to the village women
at their annual cooperative membership meeting.

Renice tells her: No, everything is just fine”. But, in January,
Artcamp gets a surprise reduced order, with veiled warning:

In effect: “You are lucky to have any order this month at all.”

This is after two years+ of minimum 5000usd$/month
production orders that had been agreed-upon years before.

NO warning given, increasing the negative social effects; NO reason given,
other than a vague suggestion of something deficient in the Artcamp product?

(Was the Houston designer intended to ‘fix’ Artcamp, when these are geniuses
at jewelry-making and some of the most creative jewelry-makers in the world.)

Emi had only just assured the village women at the year-end members meeting
that everything was perfectly fine – which is what Renice had told her
– then she got blindsided by Kevin’s G-Mail only about two weeks later.

From where I sit, it looks like Global Crafts was walking away from this group
after making sizeable profits off them for seven years. By not cluing them in,
Renice masked intentions to head for the exit, increasing negative effect on them.

No provision at all was contemplated for the future lives
of the jewelry-making cooperative members who lost their jobs
and had been the loyal suppliers of Global Crafts for so many years.

No serious effort is evident for new styles, new lines, new looks.
No. Global Crafts didn’t inform the artisans of their secret plans.
Emi was told “everything is fine, fine”. In this way, Global Crafts
broke the arrangement they had been honoring for two+ years:

That mail is what started these present problems;
every issue began just like that on January 19,  2017.

The GMail record of ARTCAMP Conversation with GLOBAL CRAFTS
unambiguously demonstrates 
that there were NO serious problems
nor complaints at all, really, on either side, BEFORE January 19th, 2017.

Indeed, the GMAIL record shows Emi to have been attentive and perfect in her service to Global Crafts.
It was only after the loss of employment caused distress in the village that very serious problems emerged.

What happened next was this: the craftswomens manufactured and shipped
all of Global Crafts orders in 2017 Emi became increasingly alarmed
because the craftswomen expected her to have money in paypal to replenish
the stock of casting-alloy ingots, as would be the case in every previous year.

However, with the deep cut in Global Crafts orders, the ingots were exhausted
and all the payments had gone directly to Tecalpulco for the artisans to divide.

The cooperative’s stock of primary-materials for jewelry-making was exhausted,
not only the casting ingots, yet also abalone and nacre shell and lapidary stone.

When the cooperative’s legal representative, Emi;  presented invoices at list-wholesale,
instead of at  super-discount prices that only Global Crafts knows where they came from,
Kevin upped and blocked communication Artcamp’s President, while they were still talking.

So Global Crafts contacts Paula Perez the older sister of of one of the cooperative members
Both Rrenice and Kevin sent her mails alleging that poor Ms. Emi was to blame for everything.

I saw these mails. Paula showed them to me.

Global Crafts went around Emi, telling the village women that she, Emi, 
had to be replaced
as cooperative President and legal representative,this  for a reason that was never explained.
One supposes that, in some way or another, Emi must have offended the customer somehow.

I am telling you that Emi never did anything
butprovide Global Craft with excellent service

(The GMAIL record  of 2010-2018 demonstrates  this.)

Even though Emi has never been paid

Emi was recruited by the Artcamp cooperative to secure federal government credits,
she was supposed to be paid from  out of these funds, still
even though Emi does not have English-language skills,
this small woman tried mightily to get a recommendation

letter from Renice Jones to Fair Trade distributors in other countries
(Renice was recalcitrant to provide such a letter of recommendation)
never explaining to Emi the reason why, 
so when Emi begged her five times
for the letter of recommendation that Renice had already promised, for this:
Renice communicates to the village women: that Emi is an “aggressive” person,
Ha,ha,ha! Emi is timid; a very correct person with a sense of right and wrong, from her beloved father
She is NOT at al  an aggressive or abusive person as village women were assured by Renice Jones,

Emi is only one little woman trying to do her job to get orders for the village jewelry-makers.
She works for them, even though they don’t pay her and some women want to tear her hair out
thinking she is the cause of their loss of family income and much-needed employment, because
when people lose their job there is this tendency to become despondent. It is very hard for these
people who put their efforts into delivering a perfect product. no matter how many hours it takes.

Emi never got orders from Fair Trade as everyone expected . Even when Global Crafts
put out a call for leather Pet Products, Emi’s models were rejected out of hand without
an explanation, no reason being given. Because she had been informed that the quality of leather
was most important, this woman went out and bought a heifer hide, to make these original models.

Emi is SO simple! Aggressive! Ha,ha,ha”!

Do you know what Emi did? hoping to be forgiven by Renice…

She made these amazing Leather Pet Products original models and samples of the colors she can supply.
She sent GC these thinking that Global Crafts would distribute them into the USA market and that she could
go to her workshop and get busy for the rest of her life creating and manufacturing her unique handcrafted
leather products, the legacy from her beloved dad. She hoped Global Crafts would help by making an order.

Ha,ha,ha! These women are so simple, one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Its a good thing she has a rosary! because, I know that Emi still hopes to work in her own shop which
is a dream left to her by her beloved father with his tools, and advice to her to never give up struggling.



If I made a mistake or an exaggeration, please, I don’t mind being corrected; on the contrary

I wish someone would say what is wrong about what I have described:

the experience of the Artcamp coompertive with Global Crafts of Florida in the U.S.A.

Here are the G-Mails for the years 2010-2018:

read with MboxViewer:

Renice and María’s email record

Here you can see the actual G-Mails of Global Crafts with Artcamp going back to 2010.

Go ahead and read through it and see if its not true that the Artcamp women gave
Global Crafts superlative service. All the time, Global Crafts is selling a million
dollars of Artcamp jewelry (yes, a million dollars worth over 2010-2018) There is NO
issue whatsoever before 19 January 2017, the Artcamp women (Emi, in recent years)
always provided respectful exemplary service, there were no open service-issues,
there was not even one single late-delivery complaint, there were NO quality complaints.

Undoubtedly, these innocent village women ‘thought’ that by doing a great job
for Global Crafts, they probably thought that by doing such a great job
they were securing their household income, for the immediate future at least.

Kevin Ward <>
Jan 19
to me, Renice


I am hoping that the new products Renice tells me you are working on will refresh the line and lift sales.

 The craftswomen of Artcamp presented more than twenty (20) new jewelry lines to Global Crafts in 2017.


Cuff Links, Slave Bracelets, Worry Rings, Bear and Wolf Jewelry,
Lightercovers, Hand-hammered Ear-wires, many different jewelry lines.

Global Crafts ordered none of these new lines Artcamp made especially
for their eyes; yet, here, Kevin says he “hopes the new lines will lift sales”.

What Kevin is referring to (on January 19, 2017) is that Houston designer
how she’s going to come up with a winner for the $500 dollars she was paid.l

The complicated double earring pair the Houston designer provided was made
at a significant cost and a deal of difficulty by the artisans and by Emi’s brother.

But there was no order placed for these new creations either. These women
worked all 2017without even knowing that Global Crafts had dropped them.

This is the reason their stocks of raw materials were depleted , Global Crafts
ran them into the ground with super-discount wholesale prices that only they
have any idea when or if the prices were agreed-upon, certainly we are talking
discounted prices going back ,in most cases, for six or more years but only
Renice and Kevin know about the prices on their purchase orders other
than prices that have been given fairly recently. They will always quote
a new piece in line with the other prices, maybe increase the price twenty-five cents.
Recently they tried for a fifty-cent a piece raise for a certain woven bracelet
that is particularly difficult to make and the reply they received was from Kevin Ward:

It said (paraphrased, for now): ” I will pass on this price rise
to my customers; i want you to know that they may buy less of these bracelets as a result…”
something very like that; obviously threatening them to not raise any more prices,
certainly not offering to take the fifty cents out of his business proft, not even offering
them to split the difference,  Just a warning from Kevin that the artisans might
lose production orders on account of the 50 cent price-rise of a certain bracelet.

January 19. 2017. That fateful day four families lost their jobs.
Kevin adorns the bad news with the follwoing optimistic thought:

“I am hoping that the new products Renice tells me you are working on will refresh the line and lift sales.”

yeah right Kevin. And the twenty – count them twenty – jewelry products

and entire lines created by these traditional artisans : you won’t even look at them!

Ha! I have only become aware of this after the fact by reading the GMail Conversation record
I would say you worship the dollar a little too much, and you are far too hard on these women
who have given you no problems, only responsive intelligence and perfect service, in addition
to the fact that their jewlery is beautiful, it is an authentic handcraft, and that is sells very well.

Their jewelry sells so well that you don’t even have to go out and sell it – do you? You just flash
your Fair Trade license and people buy it at a big fat mark-up from you; isnt that how it works?

“I am hoping that the new products Renice tells me you are working on will refresh the line and lift sales.”

Kevin Ward invokes the idea of new products. However nobody here was ever remunerated for his and her work
or for the materials employed in making the prototype models. If you look into Global Crafts’ books I bet they have
never ever spent one single cent for samples which they get for free from their suppliers. But thats not bad enough.

They use this business of having the artisans make “samples”
as a way to entertain themselves with the lives of artisans
who think they are developing a relationship with a normal,
old-fashioned commercial international jewelry buyer.

Renice must be running the 3rd World artisans ragged
if they do to the rest of their suppliers what they do to Artcamp.

But the worst thing is: they sell and profit in the name of the artisans themselves!

The Fair Trade Federation really needs to discipline its members if this is going on.

No doubt the situation is even worse for 3W artisans with no way to defend themselves.

If I have made a mistake or exaggerate. Please tell me and I will correct or clarify.

Want to debate? Want to dialog? Let’s talk, please, when it is convenient to you.

Want to help? Then, insist that justice be done to these craftswomen in this case.

Jewelry that is made as part of a social-enterprise effort;
of real benefit to artisan producer group
and community

This is Fair Trade Jewelry.


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