ArtisanMYO Accessories is well aware of the poverty among indigenous groups in Mexico

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In the early 2000’s, women in Mexico began making bags from misprinted shiny foil paper snack bags and candy wrappers folded and slipped together into paper chains. By 2008, the design migrated to Asia but the quality of the Mexican bags still remains superior. This clutch purse is created by hand by the women of MYO Accessories and even though it is paper will last longer than any bag you have.

More Information

  • The unlined clutch is approximately 24 cm wide by 12 cm tall and a depth of 6 cm and has a strong zipper closure
  • The confetti pattern is comprised of brilliant colored foil, snack images like nuts, ingredient labels (in Spanish, of course), and UPC labels.
  • No two bags are remotely alike so please be thrilled with the variety of patterns.
  • A colourful and informative artisan story card is included, providing details about the life, goals, and work of the artisans responsible for creating this hand-crafted, fair trade product.

ArtisanMYO Accessories is well aware of the poverty among indigenous groups in Mexico, where the company is located. The company was started to help these people live better lives by employing them, mostly women, to make their products, such as the candy wrapper purses. In addition to offering these women employment, they give them the opportunity to take the materials to their homes so they can better care for their families while they work. This helps improve the quality of their lives as well as provide a sustainable income. Using a similar technique that children use to make paper chains from gum wrappers, the artisans of MYO crafted sturdy bags from crinkly misprinted wrappers. Amidst the bright colored squares, one can detect everything from peanuts, ingredient lists, to bar codes.What is Fair TradeGlobal Crafts is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organization. Fair trade is an approach to business and to development based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to create greater equity in the international trading system. Fair Trade Organizations put artisans and farmers at the heart of every decision they make. Members of the Fair Trade Federation are screened against the Nine Principles of Fair Trade. These principles are: Create Opportunities for Marginalized Producers, Develop Transparent Relationships, Build Capacity for Producers, Promote Fair Trade, Pay Promptly and Fairly, Support Empowering Working Conditions, Ensure Children?s Rights, Cultivate Environmental Stewardship and Respect Cultural Identity. In order to become a member of the Fair Trade Federation, businesses must demonstrate a full commitment to every

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