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Artesanas Campesinas is a native village artisans’ cooperative founded in 1973 by its first president, Flavio Carteño Diaz. The cooperative lapsed after Mr. Diaz´s death, and was renewed May 2000 with the legal establishment of Artcamp SC de RL.

Jewelry & Fashion as the central economic
element of a genuine social-enterprise project

Fair Trade Jewelry means: benefit to village
artisan traditional producer group families.

Artcamp Catalog and Shopping Cart (Click on Left Hand Menu) ARTCAMP CATALOG

New Product Development:
(Most of these are Not in the Catalog, although some are)

  1. Hammered Earwires
  2. Hammered Bracelets
  3. Xakira
  4. Cuff Links
  5. Stone Mosaic Hair Barrettes
  6. Star Visitors Glass
  7. Casting Pewter Earrings
  8. Cat bracelet; Child and Normal size
  9. Large Turtle Abalone Shell and Mother Pearl  Figures
  10. Xakira Spinner Ring
  11. Abalone Shell and Mother Pearl Earrings with Xakira Borders
  12. Belt Buckles
  13. Dragonfly Jewelry Set
  14. Butterfly Jewelry Set
  15. Hummingbird Jewelry Set
  16. Turtle Totem Jewelry
  17. Wolf Totem
  18. Bear Totem
  19. Colorful Xakira Bracelets
  20. Copper Bracelets
  21. Tiny Leather Bags
  22. Leather Bracelets
  23. Sandals
  24. Lighter Cover
  25. Xakira Pecheras
  26. Dreamcatcher Bracelet
  27. Jeweltone Jewelry
  28. Stone Mosaic Frames
  29. Double Stone Mosaic Earrings
  30. .925 Post Earrings


Fair Trade Jewelry is forged in the native creativity
and industry of traditional crafts-producing artisans.
We are not dealers. We are the creators and producers.

The Artcamp cooperative is a generator of economic opportunity for the craftspeople of Tecalpulco and Taxco El Viejo by connecting new customers and introducing new technology, most notably the CRMC casting system for tin alloys (pewter) and  adding pigments (2000) to the resin jewelry pallet (2001-2002) of the local artisans. More recently, the pioneering of a hand-hammered hypo-allergenic ear wire is our latest creation.


Recent History. In 2015 Artcamp was betrayed by their principle customer, Look Jewelry and Gift of Glendale California. In 2014 Look purchased about 60,00ousd$ sales to Look, in 2013, maybe more; and about 55,000usd$, in 2012, and something like 53,000usd$ , and so on, going back twenty years. Without paying for their last order, this company broke off communications, having reproduced (pirated) one of Artcamp’s product lines in a casting shop in Colorado. This line was pioneered by Artcamp in the 1990’s and we have the original models and molds to prove it. This bad experience hurt the cooperative a lot. Many artisans became distrustful, as this was NOT the only time this they have had their designs hijacked by commercial dealers. And this was not the only time the artisans have not been left unpaid for their finished and delivered jewlery product. Bad on Look. Because of their selfish actions, some humble craftspeople lost their way of making a living.


In the years 2009-2015 Artcamp enjoyed a group of very talented young people who created the Artcamp catalog shopping cart and process of making and editing images and modeling of the pieces by local women. Eventually these kids became discouraged with Artcamp’s lack of success, or for some another reason. Two girls moved to the United States to study, two migrated to Leon, Guanajuato to try to make a living. The cooperative enjoys some very nice webpages, however we are not set up any more to try to market from here.


Artcamp’s web properties are available for the use of a distributor. In addition to a functional, graphically-intense shopping cart and catalog, we offer for the use of our distributor, videos and images of our Guerrero culture, as well as videos filmed in our workshops as we make our jewelry. Also we will happily give our distributor access to all of our contacts, prospects, and customers we have known in their home country so we can work together to develop the success of our partner.

Will you be our distributor? Our great need now is for a good customer.
If you work with us at this time you’ll have a reliable and loving partner.


Our only concern is to generate employment in our home communities. All we want is for our people to be able to stay at home and work. Being in one’s home workshop is better than having to migrate to the United States. (About 50 percent of the male population of Tecalpulco has already migrated to the United States. These men used to return to visit, but now most of them seem to be stuck up there, or have another family.) The artcamp cooperative is made up of women who  take care of their families without any help.


Since about 2007, the public security situation around Taxco has deteriorated. Since the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa students in nearby Iguala, the state is flooded with federal police corporations and military out of touch with the local population, meaning they do not seem to know what is going on (neither do we), only complicating de dangers. In recent years, Guerrero has been rated number one in the country for murders. No surprise to us, since people are gunned down in Taxco all the time. Tourists aren’t told this and so far no tourists have been touched by the continuing violence. But foreign buyers coming into Taxco to them, everything looks normal, there are even mariachis in the Zocalo. but Taxco is not at all as  safe as they may think. Some hotels do a professional internet search of their foreign guests; it is said that some foreign jewelry buyers have disappeared with the hotel claiming the guest never arrived. So watch out. The criminal gangs are systematic and totally brutal.  It’s because, traditionally, foreign buyers arrive with a big roll of cash. Robbery extortion and murder are all part of this wave of violence we have been undergoing in Guerrero. We ask foreign visitors to not put us in danger, and don’t put themselves in danger either, but it is us who is in much more danger than you, because you go home and we will still be here.


Yet, you are welcome to visit us without danger. We make your arrangements with a hotel we know is safe, and not in the city center where there are look outs. If you come to Taxo to see us, letus guide you, then there is no danger at all in your visiting. Unless you happen to stay in an unlucky hotel, the danger to you as a one-time tourist is non-existent. The danger is to us, not to the visitor, because, if these look-outs see us with a foreigner, they will wonder who we are and watch if we go to the banks.

We will happily show you how easy it is to be discrete and you can restfully visit us in our home workshops. You can even stay in our homes if you like. This public security situation puts us all under much pressure and ll the more reason that we value jewelry production work we can do in our homes, close to our families.


At the end of the 2000’s Artcamp reached it’s high point with annual sales of almost 150,000usd. Since then, it has been hurt by competition, sometimes commercial copies of original jewelry designs, also by disloyal customers. Sales for 2016 were about $70,000usd and sales for 2017 are projected to be even lower than that number. Since the loss of Look Jewelry and Gift production the cooperative has had serious problems especially with the families that have lost their jobs and there has been serious internal dissension. For this reason we will be most sincerely grateful if you will distribute our jewelry in your country. You will find out that it sells very well and after that there is no problem. Our jewlery is unconditionally guaranteed for quality. Our jewelry is authentic handcrafted by our village women artisans’ cooperative following the tradtional ways of our parents.

Our parents and grandparents invented the abalone shell jewelry and so we continue in their footsteps and to fulfill their legacy with the stone mosaic jewelry that (God willing) will also sell for many, many years.


Artcamp was a dues-paying member of the original Fair Trade Federation back in the 1990’s when Gary Bond was President. The FTF was much more of a grassroots idealism collective then, before it re-organized itself into its present form. Artcamp was a lso a dues-paying member of International Federation of Alternative Trade, which dropped out of site somewhere along the road. To get an idea of the trajectory of the Artcamp cooperative it is interesting to look through the 2004 IFAT Self-Evaluation Report

Click Here to GO To >

International Federation
of Alternative
Trade (IFAT)
Artcamp’s 2004

Ethical Fair Trade is not only about price; Jewelry is made as part of a social-enterprise effort;
real benefit to artisan producer group and community is Fair Trade Jewelry.
Fair Trade means that the artisans are successful in terms of providing
nutrition, health, education and homes to our families.

Especially, the craftswoman needs to be able to say to her children:

“When you grow up, you can be a silversmith or a craftswoman
having your own shop to support your family and you won’t have to migrate to look for work.”

This is what we would very much like to be able to say to our children; however, the place of an artisan in today’s market is not what we would wish for our sons and daughters. Still, we are optimistic and hopeful that we will find people who love us and want to help us distribute our jewlery, so we will be able to say this to our kids.

If you would like to work with us we will be responsive and sincerely grateful, making sure that all orders are on time, and that the quality is nothing less than perfect.

<<<<< LEARN
of real benefit to artisan producer group
and community
.  This is Fair Trade Jewelry.
Fair Trade Jewelry means dignity for the artisans.

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