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30 December 2017 Live Stream Artesanas Campesinas

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Live Stream Broadcast, December 30th, 2017 in the studio of Hotel La Misión, Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, México. If somebody would help us to subtitle this to English that would be a great favor. We will be very happy to pay for your service in jewelry (you choose what you like from our catalog ). This is about a serious dispute in our cooperative. The only way I can explain it, is that someone view this video, and we would especially like some persons who only know English to understand about what is happening here with our production, since these people would be our customer. Maybe you know how to explain it in words? We could use your help to summarize the proceeding for someone who does not know Spanish at all. Adriana, the translator, is the wife of Adelfa’s youngest son. She is from Arizona, and has not learned all the words of English, still, she did a very good job translating. That is why subtitles would be helpful. To fill in some words Adriana did not know at the time of this live broadcast. (she did not know the english words for: leather, letter, support and others. Live broadcast means there is NO script. This is a spontaneous discussion among four Mexican women. That’s why we want to subtitle this production or at produce a text transcription. To be understood by the customer. Because, this rift in the cooperative it is very serious. So, if you think you can provide a useful synopsis or summary of this live broadcast, please, that will be very well-received and, we will be happy to pay you for your help in our jewelry you choose).

Esta fue la transmisión en vivo el 30 de diciembre de 2017 en el estudio del Hotel La Misión, Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, México. Si alguien nos ayudara a subtitular esto al inglés sería un gran favor. Estaremos encantados de pagar su servicio con joyería (consulte nuestro catálogo que elija). Se trata de una disputa seria en nuestra cooperativa de artesanas. La única forma de explicarlo, es mirando este video, nos gustaría especialmente que algunas personas que solo saben inglés, entiendan lo que está sucediendo aquí con nuestra producción, porque estas personas son nuestros clientes. ¿Quizás sabes cómo explicarlo en palabras del idiom ingles? resumiendo el prosedimiento para alguien que no sabe español en absoluto. Adriana, la traductora, es la esposa del hijo menor de Adelfa. Ella es de Arizona, y todavía no aprendió todas las palabras de inglés, hizo un muy buen trabajo de traducción. Es por eso que los subtítulos serían útiles. Para completar algunas palabras, que Adriana no sabía en el momento de esta transmisión en vivo. (Transmisión en vivo significa ningún script). Es por eso que queremos subtitularlo produciendo una transcripción con texto, para ser entendido por el cliente, debido a que esta es una grieta muy seria en la cooperativa, porque es probable que destruya la cooperativa.

Let me tell you, we are with the problem and we want to know what Mrs. Gloria Perez thinks about this story. Well as I said, that here Miss Emi has had us… I feel deceived by her, because she tells us that there are no orders and we see that his brother is working, then in that way we would like her to explain to us where all these orders have remained. I guess from this Emi, you want to tell us what happened?, Why have not these orders been placed? Yes, I want to explain, I’ve ever told them but they do not believe me. The client has dropped the orders a lot, she when she goes up alone, she lowers orders according to size or weight, thinks that as the dollar went up, we will win more but it is not because the dollar goes up and here the gasoline goes up, and everything does not go up and the orders lower us. From what I see here then, is there also a debt? Yes, there is a debt. That’s what I want to do, to show you all documents that I’ll show you later, we already get the accounts. Mrs. Gloria, tell us what do you think about this situation? Well, I do not think she has anything to prove, because the client Renice we have been with her for many years and she has never failed us like now. To all of this Yuri, what can you tell us? What do you think ?: Yes thank you, look Mercedes, for what I’m listening … Well first of all, I want Emma personally, give you a strong applause for your great work you’ve done all these years, Applause for all your family artisan, for your brother, because believe me as I said in the program yesterday, I come from a family also artisan, my father was an artisan and then the truth if it is a great job, it is a great effort and it is to be admired. On the other hand I want to tell you … If you look elsewhere I want to make a call to the company of Global Kraft, to say that it is not fair what they are doing with these people, because this is a great job for people and we have to strive as citizens to be a group of equity and not be affecting so many people. Ok Yuri is very true everything you tell us, being an artisan is something, and more family that have spent many years and you want to show their crafts and not only that, also want to export them so you have a job and to obviously many families have to eat primarily. That’s right. But here we can see that there is a great problem because in reality it is not possible to clarify what happened with this company, and what happen if they can become partners. Let’s see Emi, tell us what do you think of the things you heard? Well, I want to show you the documents and I want you to understand me, because I’m not sending orders to my brother. I have here the accounts where I can verify that there are 8000 dollars that she owes. Is there a contract? No no no no. We are working as partners, right? They belong to fair trade and as they know fair trade because it helps the artisans, but here the orders are not falling, Renice wants … the client Renice wants to buy cheaper and cheaper. Here I have two questions that we will clarify, returning from this video of our artisans. Here is the video … Now do you want to see the reaction of a metal such as alpaca or any alloy of cooper such as tumbaga and bronze? This is alpaca. And… I am looking for a Little piece of silver sheet ( yesterday I left a dog gone Little piece here). This is silver, this is alpaca. I will apply it according to… here, did you read it? What does it say? This is to test, to prove if it is alpaca, ori f it is silver, ori f it is gold. Look, when it is a… when it is silver, it’s what I told you, it turns a blackish tone, and upon rinsing it off the surface underneath has to turn White. And when it is alpaca, it turns Green. This is another copper alloy, this is tumbaga, and look how it turns, look… and you will see, it take a Little while to take on the Green color. Yes, it is turning a Little Green. We are going to apply regular water, to the silver so you can see the color. This tells me that it is silver, this color, so I will put here the water so we can see which color the silver turned, look… It has to dissolve, the drop of acid, because if not it, it burn us. Look, this is what I am telling you… a gray color remains, whitish gray, look. This is the proof that it is silver, and when it is pure silver, without any copper alloy (that is, pure silver not .925), when it is pure silver, it tends to turn creamy White color, like sand (when it is not pure silver? When it IS pure silver it turns a cream color), and when it is silver with aloy (.925 it will always appear blackish, a color between White and black. Did you see that? And always we have to pass first to water to dissolve the acid, because if not, the acid will give you a burn like this, the acid falling on the skin does this, it burns you. Here I have another burn, of pure acid. But it is already scarring, and here I was also burnt, do you see? And here are more acid scars… And this has to be disolved as well so it does not cause contamination, look… That Green spot, because it is alpaca, see how it appears… yellowish, and it is very different from the color of silver. You can see both tones, you can see a tone and then another one… and if it were pure silver, the spot would appear as a cream color. Silver shows up as pale cream, a White to creamlike tone, and alloyed silver (.925) looks darkish gray, got it? We continue with artisans TV and let me tell you that apart from this great controversy, there is a letter from Kevin Wart of Global Kraft, please Yuri, can you read us this letter? Letter from Kevin Wart Global Kraft, December 19 As you may know, we have recently received a continuing communication from Martin, stating that he is speaking on his behalf. I hope that the opinion expressed by Martin is not his point of view. You should know that we have blocked Martin’s communication from our server, as we believe that it was generally abusive and destructive to our ongoing relationship. Two critical problems came through his many emails: Price fixing It has been suggested that the price we agreed upon no longer reflects the actual cost of production. Artcamp never made this suggestion directly or requested a renegotiation. The value of our payments per piece has doubled in peso terms as the dollar has strengthened. However, if the group considers that the price is not where it should be, we ask that you send us a new price sheet for 2018, along with a sample of spreadsheets showing the proportion of costs, which are allocated by hand. work and materials for specific products. They can also place minimum orders if small quantities of product increase the cost. Ok, we just heard this letter. What do you say Emi Estrada? Yes, because one thing is what is said and another thing is what they do, orders have gone down, I have a way to prove to them that orders have gone down, and about the letter from Kevin and Martin, I want to tell you that I know Martin, he is my friend and he has always supported me, and he also knows the artisans for a long time. But Martin here has nothing to do, he just introduced them to these artisans, and now Mr. Kevin wants to change everything and pretend that there is a problem with Martin, but he has nothing to do with this. I think the problem is that the person who represents Global Kraft, who is the client Renice, has not complied with the deal respecting the 5000 dollars that she would buy monthly with the artisans. They are looking for a pretext, nothing more. To not support us, not to continue giving us orders as always. Mrs. Gloria, what can you tell us? Here we have a problem, right? And then we always … I repeat again, we want to be partners with Renice, and regard to Martin we do not know him and we do not know why he was sending emails to Renice, and we do not want his comments to take away our work . Very well, already clarifying this point, I also want to ask Emi What is next? Well I would like the artisans to believe me, understand me, I am not staying with any order or passing clients to my brother. Mrs. Gloria, what do you ask of this company? What do you think is convenient for all artisans of Pueblo Bendito town? The only thing I ask is that Renice comes to his senses and does not pay attention to Martin’s comments, and that we continue as we are, if she asks for a list of new prices. If she asks for a new list, are you willing to do it? Yes, to continue working as we are, we depend on all those requests, we have always worked with her. To all of this Yuri, what can you tell us? Yes look, thank you for giving the word, I personally and I speak to you as the daughter of an artisan, first of all I want to make the invitation that there is no need to argue, I think, having things clear as we said Mrs. Ema here present, if there are tests then we show them and if not, in any case the word worth more, in many occasions the word worth more than the actions. Mrs. Gloria, what do you think is convenient? What can you say to Emi so this has some solution? Well for me the most convenient thing would be for Emi to give her face and talk to Renice so that all these things are not happening and we are very happy with Renice. I mean, are the Pueblo Bendito artisans asking Renice to please reconsider this situation and make a new deal? Yes. Emi What else can you tell us? Well, I’m showing my face, I’m not hiding, I’ve tried to talk to the client and I’ve asked her several times to see me but she ignores me. For the courses that I have taken I know that one has to talk to clients constantly. Last year I tried to ask her what her difficulties were, if she had any problems with the jewelry, that we were willing to replace the pieces Defective, but she ignored me, did not answer my letter. I have the way to prove to them that this is not the case, because the emails are there. …

Jewelry that is made as part of a social-enterprise effort;
of real benefit to artisan producer group
and community

This is Fair Trade Jewelry.

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