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Ethical Fair
Trade Jewelry

Ethical fair trade jewelry will have cultural content. Not only in the designs, yet also in the richness of the artisans' community experience. Ethical fair trade signifies the jewelry-makers, the small miners and refiners, and the family farmers in the context of local artistic and cultural practices, observances, traditions, and music. Ethical fair trade preserves the dignity of the producers. Artisans create and make the beautiful ornamental objects and decorative art that grace our lives and are more important to our good mental health than many people realize. Ethical fair trade means small producers do not have to endure humiliation just to make a living, and having to humble one's self before potential buyers, nor have to wait to get paid. Ethical fair trade means dignity for the artisan and small producer and the way to support one's family, to have an opportunity to remain in one's home village, and not be forced or tempted to migrate to the United States or to a big city.

Our Location in Guerrero Mexico (See Maps Below)


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of the Artesanas Campesinas

The legacy of William Spratling is the powerful motivator of a collaboration between the last of the generation of Taxco master silversmiths and the rural women artisans of Tecalpulco, an artisan village in the Municipality of Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero.

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Artisan Owned Direct Distribution Model

What's the matter?

With the men of the village long gone as illegal wetback workers in the USA, the women of Tecalpulco must provide for their families.

They earn a living by practicing traditional local handcraft:
the production of a unique type of jewelry.

They must make do with very low prices for their products
as the commercial and financial middle-men make profits.








Guerrero, México


.925 Silver Jewelry

Letters from Mexican craftswomen

Hola soy Alma; tengo 16 años
y trabajo en la cooperativa

Hi, I am Alma; I am 16 years old; and work in the cooperative.

Estoy muy orgullosa de ser parte de este grupo de mujeres trabajadoras, con ellas he aprendidoa valorar el trabajo que hago y a sentirme orgullosa
de lo que producimos.

I am very proud to be part of our working women group, with them I learned to appreciate the work I do and to feel proud of what we produce.

No es facil decidir continuar produciendo artesanias en estos tiempos dificiles para todos, sin embargo, he aprendido que podremos lograr exito si persistimos y trabajamos duro y realmente creo que asi sera.

It is not easy to decide to keep ongoing producing artcrafts during this hard times for everyone, however, I learned that we can succed if we persist and work hard and I really believe this to be true.

Nuestras condiciones no son faciles, pero creo que todo lo que vale la pena cuesta trabajo, ademas como mujer he aprendido que logramos sobrevivir a traves de los años generacion tras generacion a pesar de cualesquier circunstancia y de alguna manera siempre hemos logrado mantener vivas nuestras tradiciones y artesanias, asi que creo que esto continuara asi en la medida en que yo y ellas asi lo decidamos.

Our current conditions are not easy, but I think that everything that is worth requires effort, furthermore, as woman I learned that we have survived through the years, generation after generation despite any circumstances and somehow we have always managed to keep our traditions and handcrafts alive, so I think that this will keep ongoing to the degree that myself and other women decide that it will be.

Nuestro exito depende de que persistamos trabajando y valorando nuestro trabajoy el valor cultural que contiene. Eso es algo que mientras estemos aqui, nunca morira.Y si no es mi generacion la que logre el exito, vendra otra y despues otra mas, peroen tanto tengamos nuestra atencion en preservar lo valioso de lo que nuestras artesanias representan, triunfaremos.

Our success depends on us persisting working and giving to our work the value it deserves as well as the cultural value that it contains. This is something that as long as we are alive, will never die. And if my generation does not succeed, well... another will come and another ... but as long as our attention is kept on how worth is to preserve what our values and handcrafts represent, we will triumph.

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