World of Good

ARTCAMP Artesanas Campesinas

World of Good introduced itself to Artcamp and asked for a price quote
on some styles of Natural Flower Inlay Jewelry. Artcamp named its price.
World of Good asked for a price break; Artcamp conceded the price break
in order to get the order. Purchase order delivery date was February 21, 2007.

Then, the order was modified and changed by e-mail notification.Artcamp did conform,
notwithstanding the confusion and inefficiencies caused by this unexpected order change,
by accellerating and adapting the product production schedule to suit World of Good.

The confusion was extended by World of Good’s e-mail order to halt production
on a certain part of the order, and suspend its delivery until May 2007. The artisans
had already casted the pieces, and were impatient to inlay and finish them, to be paid.

So, they shipped World of Goods orders on the original PO due date in February
and for this they received a reprimand that took them much aback as they had made
a great effort to create and very humbly produce their unique nahua flower jewelry.

Isnt it unreasonable to change the production delivery dates once an order is committed?
…because many people must be involved working cooperatively to produce the jewelry.

Once a deadline is set, any changes ought to be by mutual accord and not disadvantageous.
Nonetheless, uncomplainingly, the artisans still did met the modified required delivery dates….

At some point, in an attempt to micro-manage the production by the artisans of Tecalpulco,
World of Good sent an e-mail requesting that the delivery of pieces already in production
be delayed for several months; But this was NOT a reasonable request especially considering
that World of Good has required a price break on the product based on a 5000 pc. order.

Gentle Jagadha, take a look at the documents and e-mail records in this unhappy business.

HOW can we have deserved such a stark reprimand? It was actually a big shock to us!





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