Tech Museum Award Nomination 2004

Hola! Saludos de Guerrero Mexico!

We are proud to announce that Artcamp
has been nominated for the Tech Museum Award

Artcamp SC de RL “Artesanas Campesinas”
is our rural womans artisans cooperative of Tecalpulco
and Taxco Guerrero Mexico.

The local community has a long tradition
of successful cottage-industry handcraft jewelry production
going back to the 1970s
(with the advent of the abalone shell jewelry boom
that, at its apogee, employed upwards of 20,000 families)
and back to the 1940s
(when William Spratling established the modern silver jewelry industry in Taxco).

Artcamp is a continuing jewelry production enterprise struggling againnst the inundation
of the traditional markets of the Mexican craftspeople by chinese fashion jewelry
Still, and all, the women of Artcamp produce thousands of finished pieces every week.

The idea of the Artisan-Owned Direct Distribution Model
has been conceived and advanced. The AODDM is a method
for Producer Groups to jump Distributors to sell direct-to-market

Artcamp has always been 100 percent self-financed,
supporting itself from the proceeds of its production.
Handcrafts production in Mexico today is NOT good
business. It is impossible to make money with handcrafts

In 2002, Artcamp sponsored the donation of
valuable medical equipment to the local public
hospital and Artcamp has been ongoingly involved
in helping Tecalpulco solve serious water problems

The Taxco Hospital and Tecalpulco Water projects
are only two examples of the ways in which
Producer Groups donates its staff, computers, and
its communication infrastructure to serve the community.

When the Producer Group is the sponsor of such social welfare projects
much of the overhead associated with NGOs and government are erased.

An established Producer Group is positioned to broker benefits and resources
that might be available ordinarily via foundations and philanthropic agencies,
but WITHOUT the cost of professional intermediaries, office space, etcetera.

Our Project Presentation .pps are available as templates
for use by other Mexican Village-based Producer Groups

Artcamp’s submission to the Tech Museum Awards judges
is this collection of 8 Projects as Power Point Slide Shows.

ARTESANAS CAMPESINAS (rural womens’s artisans cooperative in Guerrero, Mexico)

ARTCAMP (International Federation of Alternative Trade 2004 autoevaluation)

AODDM Artisan-Owned Direct Distribution Model (moving the advantage to the producer group)

ASAP Artisan-Sponsored Assistance Programs (producers groups in service to our communities)

ASAP also means Artisan Sustainable Assistance Partnerships (private-public social works projects)

Artcamp AODDM product offer catalog (in handcrafted fine pewter jewelry,

in .925 silver jewelry)

Tarahumara AODDM product offer catalog (for authentic wood, woven, and ceramic handcrafts)

NABUUR European WebSite Dedicated to Third World Village Development (virtual tecalpulco)

ARTCAMP Artesanas Campesinas

Artcamp “Artesanas Campesinas” is a member of the International Federation of Alternative Trade

AODDM Artisan-Owned Direct Distribution Model

ASAP Artisan-Sponsored Assistance Programs

Taxco Hospital Project

Tecalpulco Water Project

ASAP also means Artisan Sustainable Assistance Partnerships

when producer group works with the local government on a social welfare project

Contadoras Campesinas


Many people in the world are willing to offer support
that communities in developing countries can not find locally.

NABUUR connects these communities to their global Neighbors.

In the virtual Villages on this unique web site
local communities and their Neighbors meet
and look for solutions together.

Just as real neighbors do.



We are very grateful to our friends. Thank you.

Beautiful Handcrafted Abalone Jewelry   Taxco .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry   Stone Mosaic Jewelry
The most Beautiful Mexican Traditional Abalone Jewelry.   .925 Taxco Sterling Silver Jewelry   Handcrafted Stone Mosaic Jewelry
Mexican Abalone Jewelry is a classic fashion jewelry product created in the villages of Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, México. This is the jewelry that was SO popular in the nineteen-seventies and nineteen-eightiesl.   Traditional Sterling Silver from the World Famous Artisan town of Silversmiths Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero Mexico. The finest quality handcrafted silver jewelry.   Expertly Handcrafted Jewelry
Beautiful stone mosaic Lapidary Work. This jewelry set in Alpaca German Silver
with Sterling Silver Overlay and Fine Pewter Silver Alloy.
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