The History of Taxco Silver Jewelry

Taxco Santa Prisca Parroquia

Taxco Santa Prisca

Taxco is world-famous for its handcrafted silver jewelry.

In the early part of the Twentieth Century,

the local natural silver mineral was refined and transformed into chalices

and other ecclesiastical ornamental objects which were made by hammering out the silver

it’s surface was polished with the abrasive powder of an agave cactus rubbed over and over against a shirtsleeve

In the thirties and forties Taxco received and came to embody the spirit of William Spratling, a northamerican

William Spratling loved authentic art, uncovering large numbers of precolombian figures hidden in the Guerrero dirt.

Spratling was a talented draftsman and inspired designer who combined many ideas from the precolombian artifacts.

The story of Taxco’s development as a city of silversmiths will take a while to tell, so we will begin now, little by little.

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